An important part of the L.E.M laboratory is the Pap smear departement aimed at providing early discovery

of changes in cervical cells. This arrangement includes a cytological laboratory that receives the material straight from the hospitals, from clinics and from private doctors who see L.E.M as their home lab.

The Pap department provides a professional service and enables gynecologists to perform further tests if needed, in order to reach a quick and exact diagnosis.

 Pap tests -cervical screeing tests are a part of the regular test schedule for women, which helps identify faulty cells before they become pre-cancerous or cancerous. The doctor takes tissues from the pap  smear and puts it on a carrying glass for a microscopic analysis in the laboratory. An early discovery of a change in the pap smear cells is very important for treating and preventing cancer. In the last few decades there has been a rise in the number of cases with pre-cancerous conditions and decline in the number of cervical cancer cases. This  change is attributed to early discovery.