In L.E.M Lab we operate Human papilloma virus (HPV) detection tests using genetic sequencing by advanced systems and materials. The tests are carried out by our highly qualified laboratory team, led by Dr.Shelly Korovkov.

LEM laboratory provides doctors and clinics interested in performing the tests everything they need in order to perform it, including receptacles and storage devices for findings and a transportation service to the laboratory.

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The bio-molecular department receives samples from the cervical spread and extract its human DNA to search, using biological chips, for the viral infection.
The virus scanning is performed using on of the most advanced systems in the world today - " Master Diagnostica - HPV Direct flow chip – eBRID system" and enables identification of the 36 species, amongs them the most violent species, reported by medical literature to be disease creating, and  benign species which are known to cause hemorrhages and papillary tumors in the sex organs.
This scan enables early detection for women carrying the virus,  and directs them into supervision program and follow up which tracks structural changes in the cervical smear of those women.
This process will greatly decrease their chances of developing a cervical cancer and other intrusive processes from which they may suffer.